What to Do During Your Kitchen Remodel?

The most stressful part of a kitchen remodel that our clients anticipate is having to be without a kitchen for not only days but weeks! When our remodeling crew, at New Life Bath & Kitchen, takes on a large kitchen remodel it can range from one week to six weeks from start to finish. Yes, it all depends on the scope of work and size of the remodel, but our crew stays on the one remodeling job until it’s complete. They do not pull-off and start other remodeling jobs and they are at the home Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm. We are consistent and want the job to run as smoothly and as quickly as possible. So, how do you live without your kitchen for, say, four weeks!

Well to begin, there is definitely no reason to leave your residence unless it seems easiest for you and your family. Besides the kitchen, the other rooms of the house are always still easily accessible and livable. We have had clients go on vacation so they don’t have to live under the circumstances of remodeling, but the downfall is not having them around to confirm things with.

It’s very important to have open communication with the homeowner because we want them to be 100% satisfied. But if you don’t want to live in your home during the remodel, local hotels or even a friend or relative’s home could be a good option. Just as long as you are in close proximity to your home to see progress and stay in touch with the project manager.

For those of you who tend to eat at home most often and use your kitchen frequently, having no kitchen for weeks can be scary. Very often, our clients will make a “temporary” kitchen in the garage or in another area of the house. They usually set up a table with a microwave and any other items they use day in and day out, including disposable dishes and utensils.

If the client is planning on replacing all the kitchen appliances, they sometimes keep a couple of the old appliances like the refrigerator and use it temporarily until the new kitchen is complete.

Using camping equipment like stove top burners or even your barbeque are other great substitutes. A lot of people assume that eating out every night during a kitchen remodel is the only option. Although it might happen more frequently during this time, setting-up a “temporary” kitchen has been great for many of our clients.

Luckily, at New Life Bath & Kitchen, we complete large kitchen remodels in just a few weeks which to many is a huge shock. I’m sure we’ve all heard those remodeling nightmares where the kitchen remodel took months and sometimes even years!

We couldn’t imagine doing that to our customers which is why we stand behind our name and promise to complete your job on time. Hopefully during your future kitchen remodel, you will find the right contractor for you and your family and apply some of these tips we suggested.