Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2016

The kitchen has been the number one room to remodel for years, but bathroom remodeling is quickly gaining speed, and master bathrooms are gaining the most attention. A renovated master bathroom is not only great for the homeowner but can increase your resale value significantly.

There are so many new bathroom remodeling ideas out there today, so we compiled a short list of some of the hottest ideas for bathroom remodeling in 2016. While it is important to stay true to the style of your home, the master bathroom is a great place to try out some new design ideas and really create a space to get away and relax. We hope these ideas will get you inspired.


Tub or Shower?

This debate is still going strong, but the good news is that there is no wrong answer.

  • Freestanding tubs are taking the place of the built-in tub/shower combination. While those were originally made to save space and for convenience, homeowners are building larger bathrooms where they can both have the convenience of a shower and the luxury of a tub. A freestanding tub does not necessarily mean the clawfoot tub we find in many old B&Bs. Companies are designing square and rectangular tubs as well as large tubs for soaking. Make a beautiful tub the focal point of your bathroom.

  • Showers are taking on a new look, too. Whether you choose to have a freestanding tub or not, it is essential to have a shower in your master bathroom. Low threshold showers have taken over as the standard in shower designs. A low threshold shower helps create a long, open look to any bathroom. Pair it with glass doors and walls and your room feels instantly bigger. Shower tile design that incorporates colors from the room are key to creating an open feel.

Modern, Simple Style

Clean lines and natural materials are being used more than ever in bathroom remodels.

  • White is still the dominant color for bathrooms in 2016. Think white tile in the shower and a white freestanding tub.

  • Gray and black as accent colors give the overall chic feeling of a white bathroom. If you are craving a pop of color, add some bright accessories to tie it all together.

  • Adding in natural materials like wood makes a modern, clean look all around. Light wood cabinets in a vanity and even light wood floors create a spa-like atmosphere that everyone loves.



As technology advances, our bathrooms benefit.

  • Music streaming systems are very popular in bathroom designs for 2016. Music that can be streamed into any part of your bathroom will certainly add some fun to your morning routine.

  • Showers can be built with technology to allow you to control the water temperature and water pressure with the touch of a button within your shower.

  • Faucets and toilets that save water can easily be incorporated into any design for homeowners who are environmentally conscious.

Whether you want the bathroom in your Santa Maria, CA home to be the trendsetter for 2016 or you need some small bathroom upgrades, New Life Bath and Kitchen has the team to tackle any bathroom remodeling project.