7 Remodeling Ideas to Take Your Shower from Ordinary to Luxury

What does luxury mean to you? It’s different for all of us, but one thing is for sure -- we know it when we see it. The right combination of materials, finishes, colors, and the overall ambiance of a space can make us feel immediately at peace and especially pampered.

A shower is a perfect place to add luxury to your home. Imagine waking up each day and stepping into a space where you feel everything is custom-designed for you; a place where you can banish your grogginess and become fully refreshed -- ready to take on the many challenges facing you that day.

Because bathrooms are relatively small spaces, the overall material costs on a remodel are relatively small. Splurging a little to give yourself luxury is something you can do.

When you want to take your shower from ordinary to luxury, consider these ideas.

Clear Glass Enclosed Showers

Upgrade from a shower curtain to a luxurious clear glass panel or completely enclosed clear glass doors. Clear doors create an open, clean look for your whole bathroom, offering that beautiful sense of modernity and making you feel like you’re stepping into a spa. They allow light to filter through, creating a relaxing and airy look.

To keep the open and bright design the main focus of your bathroom, make sure you use light colors throughout the rest of the bathroom remodel and decorating.

If you have a small shower space, clear glass enclosed doors are especially fitting as they remove visual distractions, allowing clean lines to give you all the benefits of a larger luxury shower without feeling cramped.

Sunshine in the Shower

Allow natural light into your shower by including a window right inside. A window on the wall of the shower brings a happy, natural light that can energize you for your day. If you have the capability, choose a skylight so the sunshine can come pouring down on you as you wake up for the day.

Steam Shower

Bring the spa experience right into your master bathroom with a steam shower. With a remote control feature, you can set the shower so it will be ready for you to step in and let your cares disappear. Include a bench so you can sit down and enjoy the benefits of your spa-like experience. Include a window so you can allow air to circulate during your steam shower.

Zero Threshold and Barrier Free Shower

Zero threshold showers are quickly gaining popularity in luxury shower designs. Stylish and open, they add an airiness and brightness to the entire room.

Not only that, without a step down or up, these showers are accessible to anyone. The elderly can easily walk right in, and the showers can even be wheelchair accessible.

And with fewer corners, they’re easier to clean while reducing the risk of mold buildup. Accessibility and cleanliness has never been so luxurious.


Tile brings an element of luxury to any space, but especially to a shower.

Get creative with your tile, inserting patterns that are pleasing to the eye. Subway tiles are also a popular look. Not into patterns? A smooth look in tile is especially beautiful as well.

Amp up the luxury by taking the tile from the floor all the way up the wall and to the ceiling. It will help the space feel high end and luxurious. Add a large mirror above the sink to offset the cost of tiling the whole bathroom while really doubling the impact of the tile by through reflection and light.

Can’t fit tile into the budget? An acrylic surround gives the look of marble, granite, or slate, and is an affordable alternative to tile. With many colors and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

Add a Bench

Don’t forget a bench in your luxury shower. A stone or marble bench inside a shower allows you to spend time relaxing, especially if you choose a steam shower.

Nature inspired

Use nature-inspired materials, like stone and wood, to bring the outdoors in. Create interesting contrasts by using a combination of styles -- for example, choose river stones for the floor of your shower with wood as an accent in the decorations. Use windows and skylights to create a more seamless transition to nature, and include plants in your decor.

What are Your Dreams?

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