Must-Know Design Trends for Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are a big deal; they are no longer just utilitarian. Bathroom remodeling ideas have taken off and they’re now a focal point of any great home. Homeowners know the value of their bathrooms not only for resale, but for their own purposes, and 2015 is another big year for innovative designs.

Here are just a few of the exciting new trends for bathrooms:

Focus on the Floor

Although your shower tile design is still a great focal point of your bathroom, floors have recently taken center stage. Beautiful and ornate tile design for your bathroom floors is a trend that is sticking around from last year. One of the benefits of focusing on your floors is that it can be done in just about any bathroom. If your bathroom is small or does not have the wall space for great design work, you will always have a floor!

Geometric Tiles

Geometric tile design is a trend that can be incorporated into your shower and adds depth to your bathroom. While you can use intricate tile patterns in your shower design, you could also keep it simple by using geometric tile on a small accent wall of your bathroom.

Grout as a Design Feature

For some time now, we have seen gray grout paired with white tiles both in bathroom remodels and kitchen remodels. Some designers are predicting that we will continue to see gray and white, but that colorful grouts will be used in some of the geometric tile designs.

Bigger and Better Showers

Shower designs have come a long way from your basic tub/shower combination. In 2015, showers have gotten a major upgrade. Homeowners are looking for shower designs that feature sound systems, controls for water pressure and temperature, and even steam features. All of this can be adjusted on a touch screen mounted to your wall.

Custom Vanities

In order to use your bathroom to its highest potential, custom vanities are making a big debut. Think about your morning routine and how a custom vanity could suit your needs and make your mornings seamless. Double vanities, extra storage, sleek lines, and custom cabinetry are all exciting trends in vanities that make a big impact.

Whether you are ready for a full remodel or touch-ups to your existing space, Santa Maria's New Life Bath and Kitchen is ready to help you with your next bathroom remodel.