The Lowdown on No Threshold Showers

With so many bathroom remodeling ideas and trends happening each year, it’s smart to do a little research on any that you may want to include in your own bathroom remodel. Not every trend or new design idea is right for every bathroom, but one that we see continuing to be included in new bathrooms is the low threshold shower or no threshold shower.

The traditional bathroom setup has always been a shower/tub combination. As people have started renovating older homes and building new ones, bathrooms have become bigger, better, and much more glamorous. Many homeowners are completely leaving out the tub option, at least in the master suite, and opting for a large no threshold shower. Consider your lifestyle and daily needs before you opt for a tubless bathroom. A family with small children will need a tub, at least in the children’s rooms, but if you do not have children, and do not want to take up valuable square footage with a jacuzzi tub, then the no threshold shower may be your best bet for your bathroom remodel.

One question you have to ask yourself about a no threshold shower is: Where does the water go? Without the threshold, water could go all over your bathroom floor. There are two shower designs that keep your bathroom dry while maintaining the modern flow of a no threshold shower.

  • Trench drain: Where the shower threshold would normally be, a designer can now place a long drain. This allows for the sleek look of the zero threshold shower but keeps the water where you want it -- in the shower.

  • Traditional drain: A traditional drain in the middle of the shower floor is still possible with a no threshold shower. In order to accomplish this, your shower design must include floors that slope just slightly towards the center of the shower. This design is much more seamless than a trench or threshold drain. Your shower tile design will continue throughout your shower floor into the rest of your bathroom, creating the look of a much larger space.

Decide if you would like a shower door or if you would like to leave the space more open. Creating a shower design with no door allows you to better use all of the bathroom space. You do not have to account for the space that the door would take up as it opens out into the bathroom. More storage, cabinet space, and even a longer vanity are possible with a doorless shower because of the space you will save.  Also, maintenance and cleaning are much easier when there is no door.

Not only are no threshold showers a beautiful design feature for a bathroom but they are also the safest option. Walk in showers allow for easy access with fewer falls. When you are ready to design your bathroom remodel, take a look at our portfolio. New Life Bathroom & Kitchen in Santa Maria, CA can help you design the bathroom of your dreams.