Contrasting Upper and Lower Cabinets

There are any number of looks for cabinets, whether they be in your kitchen, bathroom, or some other room of your home or business. One look that doesn't seem to get a lot of attention is contrasting upper and lower cabinets. When contrasted, upper and lower cabinets can really stand out, bringing a vibrant look to your home.

Typically, the upper cabinets gets the lighter color, while the lower cabinet is painted a darker hue. Not only is this a great aesthetic choice, but a spatial one as well. That is, it creates a more expansive look for the room's cabinets. Doing the reverse will probably bring a rather odd like to the space, which is never good. 

Now, this contrast could take the form of hues of the same color. The lighter hue up top, the darker hue of that color down below. On the other hand, you could go more intense with two-tone cabinets. For example, the upper cabinets could be painted white, while the bottom could be painted another color, say, black. Or, as you see in the image above, the upper cabinets are painted with a cream color, while a navy blue was applied to the bottom cabinets.

Just something to think about for your next kitchen or bathroom cabinet project. If you want talk to about some more cabinet refinishing ideas, give us a call.