Kitchen Design – Central Coast Trends

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, the thought of what’s “trendy” and what’s not most often comes to mind. As a kitchen and bath designer on the Central Coast, many different trends stand out to me, whether it’s style and colors, cabinetry, countertop materials, or appliances. Many complex decisions go into any kitchen remodel. But the most obvious questions concerning trends are those of style; traditional, contemporary, transitional. Everyone has a certain taste with many options falling into each style category.

Traditional styling has and will continue to make a prevalent appearance in kitchen designs for years to come. The color scheme most often being used in these traditional kitchens brings the industry back to the basics, as shades of whites and off-whites are seemingly most popular. Medium to dark stains of cherry wood follow close behind because of it’s rich appearance and compatibility with other woods. Since, we as consumers, can’t predict the future of kitchen design trends, the safest and simplest way of remodeling is designing with a traditional touch.

Contemporary also remains a strong trend, however, it is important to use it tastefully and not over exceed. Again, we can’t predict what will become “out-dated” sooner than later. More surprisingly, throughout most of the contemporary designs, the Shaker style has seen resurgence, and one reason besides being simple with clean lines is the fact that it’s an easy door to clean! Contemporary style is all about less is more, with the use of innovative and inspiring materials.

But as a vast majority of consumers grow to like the contemporary style but also want a kitchen more suitable for a comfortable, family-like atmosphere, the term “transitional” has grown as a popular trend. Bringing both traditional and contemporary styles together creates a new and improved design that could be appealing to almost anybody.

Although there are many more kitchen trends in the design world, these appear most often than others and are talked about more and more everyday. Whether it’s traditional, contemporary or transitional, the most important quality is to find a trend that makes you enjoy your kitchen each and every day.