Cabinet Refacing: What You Need to Know

Kitchen remodels are a great investment. The design of your new kitchen is essential in completing the kitchen of your dreams. If you are happy with your kitchen layout but tired of the look of your kitchen cabinets, you might want to consider cabinet refacing. Maybe the cabinets are the wrong color or they are old and run down; they need a new life.

Cabinet refacing consists of removing the existing doors and hinges, and refacing the face frames and exposed sides with the wood and door of your choice. What a transformation! Cabinet refacing is convenient and affordable. You can still use your kitchen daily and it's less money than replacing your cabinets. Plus you get a whole new look!

Some people question cabinet refacing. How do the rest of the cabinets match the new doors and drawers? How long does it last? Why does it still seem expensive if it’s just a re-face? Well to start, along with the new doors and drawer faces, any exposed sides, face frames or under-sides of the cabinets will be applied with a thin piece of wood that matches the wood and color of the doors and drawers.

As a surprise to most, cabinet refacing appears as a total transformation, as if the kitchen cabinets were replaced! Again, the only thing that stays the same (original cabinets) is the interior and the drawer boxes. Another question concerning customers is how long will the refacing material last? Well, with the cabinet company we use to build our cabinets and necessary materials, they have a limited lifetime warranty, and we at New Life would be more than willing to repair anything within the first two years of the job completion.

More than 50% of our customers do refacing projects in their kitchens and we have never had any problems. This continues to be a popular choice especially in today’s economy. But although refacing might seem like a simple job, it does take some hard labor and investment. Surprisingly, the cost of the new doors and drawer fronts is what increases the price of a reface. Those are typically the largest part of the cost and when the number of doors and drawers being replaced is substantial, the cost can increase. But don’t be afraid, it is well worth it in the end, especially when it looks like a brand new kitchen.

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